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We offer CrossFit classes in Randburg, Gauteng to anyone who wants to become healthier, fitter, lose weight, improve strength etc.

We have excellent coaches that will help you every step of the way. From starting out in a beginners class trying to master even the simplest of movements all the way to elite classes where we can fine tune technique for you to get the best out of your body.

“we work together to keep a healthy community and training goals.”

From fitness to health, at ATG fitness we focus on growing each person that takes the first steps towards bettering themselves and their health. We are constantly adding new elements to our offerings that will keep our athletes growing/moving forward.

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Meet the team

Kyle Chalmers

Head Coach

Level 2 CrossFit Coach.
2nd Dan karate instructor at Bubishi Goju-Ryu Karate.
National Karate medalist.
Sports Fanatic.
Programmer of workouts that makes you cry.

Nic Chalmers

Level 2 CrossFit Coach

4th Dan karate instructor & Owner of ATG Karate. 
11 time National Karate medalist.
Head coach of woman’s South African Roller Derby team.
All around swell guy.

Striker van Nieuwenhuizen

Level 1 CrossFit Coach

School Teacher by day.
Played Cricket, rumour has it he hit some of the biggest sixes ever recorded.
Fat Kid who loved cake turned fitness enthusiast who only eats Kale.
Holds a degree in Sports Psychology.

Make Fawcett

Level 1 CrossFit Coach

Professional Student.
The most handsome man in the box…and possibly the universe.
Will go into survival mode if tickled.
“Silent people have the loudest minds.:

Bianca van der Merwe

Level 1 CrossFit Coach

Attorney by day.
Has-been national hockey player.
Box-Mother of ATG Crossfit.
Head of the Social-Committee at ATG Crossfit.
Wife to a sport’s enthusiast named Tjokkie van der Merwe.
Personal Afrikaans interpreter to Kyle and Nic Chalmers.

Lindie Kitching

Level 1 CrossFit Coach

CrossFit Kids & Unloaded Coach.
Accountant by Day.
Super Mom of 2 Rockstar Kids.
Rumour has it she can do burpees whilst filing tax returns.

Tjokkie van der Merwe

Admin Clerk

Special skills on Excel and Outlook.
Excellent at sending invoices.
Admin clerk at ATG CrossFit.
Played sports when I was younger
Sports Lover.
Good at calculating 1 Rep Max weight.