human movement science.

landre coetsee

BSc Sports Science.

BSc (Honours) Biokinetics.

What is a Biokineticist?

A Biokineticist is an exercise specialist who increases a persons physical condition and the quality of life by means of physical assessment and the prescription of health exercise habits.

Biokineticists offer a pro-active and a reactive service, meaning they work with injury and illness prevention, as well as treatment.


What can a Biokineticist help me with?


– Athletic performance, become better at your sport with movement correction and enhancement.

– Sports injury rehabilitation.

– Orthopaedic rehabilitation.

– Lower back and post-operative rehabilitation.

– Pre-habilitation.

– Weight management.

– Postural correction.

– Taping and strapping.

– Body composition assessment.

– Chronic disease management.


A sports massage is a combination of several massage techniques that are tailored to your affected muscles groups based on the activities that you do. A well administered sport massage can flush lactic acid out of your muscles, while promoting blood flow and healing.

A sports massage is helpful for:
–  Athletic performance enhancement, injury prevention, pain relief, relaxation, focus and/or recovery.
Providing your body with the ultimate tools to recover not only makes you feel better, but improves your performance during training, improving your every day quality of life (whether you are active or not). If you engage in regular strenuous physical activity, it is advised that you have a massage once a week.
Take your recovery as seriously as you take your training.

Book your Discovery Vitality Fitness assessment and earn up to 7500 points!

The assessment consists of several baseline measurements,  tests of strength and flexibility and a cardiovascular test. These tests together will determine your physical fitness level on which you will receive points.

After the assessment you will receive feedback and recommendations on how to improve certain aspects of your fitness.

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These prices are estimates, accurate pricing determined on consultation. All Biokinetic sessions are fully covered by medical aid.


New patient (Initial consultation): R 600/ per session.

Follow up consultations:

 R 550/ per session.

Vitality assessment: 

R 460/ per session.



Sports massage


30 Min sports massage:

 R 350/ per session.

45 Min sports massage: 

R 450/ per session.

60 Min sports massage:

 R 600/ per session.

45 Min recovery session: 

R 450/ per session.

Rock tape strapping:

 R 100/ per joint.