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Michael Fawcett

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

Lindie Kitching

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach


Nutrition coaching is not about “fixing you”. We do not offer quick fix meal plans and diets. Our focus is to guide you towards sustainable, healthy nutrition that supports your lifestyle. Our approach is both educational and personal because we understand that there is no “one size fits all” blanket solution. Each individual has their own goals and nutritional needs, so we specialise in tailor-made health and wellness programs.

Is Nutrition really that important?

The simple answer is yes, of course! Proper nutrition is not only the key to achieving weight loss and muscle gain, it is also the main weapon against chronic illness. It simultaneously strengthens our immune system and powers our energy systems. Training is essentially half the battle, but good eating habits can take you over the finish line!


What will you get from us?


– A personal nutrition coach to help you towards your goals.

– A comprehensive nutrition guide.

– A personalised nutrition plan tailored to your lifestyle.

– Weekly check-ins with your coach.

– Virtual and in person consultation accessibility.

– Text access to your coach.

Contact us for pricing. Packages subject to custom Nutrition plan.