no barbell, no problem.

“Unloaded” is defined as high intensity, constantly varied functional training, without the heavy barbell or the complex gymnastics.

Is Unloaded for me?

Definitely! UNLOADED can be likened to HIIT or Bootcamp style training, but with our very own ATG fingerprint. Designed for those looking to push the boundaries of their fitness, without the complex weightlifting and gymnastics.

What are the benefits?

You can count on the consistency of our UNLOADED program. Not only will you be breaking a massive sweat every single class with our high intens cardio-based workouts, but you will also be fine tuning fundamental skills required to help you burn that unwanted body fat quickly and efficiently!

What to Expect?

A class time between 45 minutes and 1 hour. A comprehensive warmup, followed by some useful skills to take you to the next level. Then we hit our super sweaty high intensity workout, anywhere between 18 and 35 minutes long. Finally ending with a cool down.

Developing healthy training habits.

UNLOADED is designed for everyone! This format allows each individual, no matter their fitness level, to reach maximum potential. This is a low skill, high output style of training, meant to keep you injury free, all while enjoying the massive benefits of high intensity training!

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