More Than Fitness

At ATG Fitness ,we specialise in helping people achieve their health and wellness goals. Based in Randburg, Gauteng, we offer a quality facility and highly qualified coaches, equipped to guide you through your fitness journey. Whether you are a complete “newbie”, an aspiring athlete, or a person just looking to get active, we’ve got you covered.

CrossFit – Unloaded – Karate – Yoga – Nutrition


Find Your Community.

Our class based training puts you into a community of like minded people. We  have found that a little group motivation goes a long way! By leaning on others in our class, and feeding off of the group energy, we try to make training as fun as possible and create an environment where you can enjoy your hour of training to the utmost.

What is Crossfit?

CrossFit is a lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. It is a revolutionary training methodology which can be tailored to all fitness levels. From improved health to weight loss,  CrossFit works for everyone.

Why train at ATG?

This is an environment that helps people to grow, to build lasting relationships and to improve health, fitness and wellbeing. Breaking a sweat and crushing your goals is easy when you are having fun! 


That’s right, all the classes! With our Unlimited package you are able to book everyday of the week and never worry about running out of sessions.

Student / Scholar

Looking to get fit on a student budget? Our Student and Scholar package is made for you. Choose the classes that best fit your schedule at a rate that suits  your pocket.

Team Package

Couple? Team? or just love birds looking to get in shape. Experience this unlimited package with a partner because couples that train together, stay together!


A parent looking to find something functional and focused for your kids? CrossFit is the place to start, let your child experience a fun, safe and functional fitness plan.